Making masala with cumin

When you go to the back of the store, the scent of spices is booming (゚o゚;;

Dimbula, a tea specialty store, also makes masala with cumin, which is indispensable for making curry.

If you don't wear a mask, you'll choke. The scent of masala from head to toe (no_<)

I need to make a masala for black tea soon, but this time I'm using a masala for curry.

It's been done little by little. ↑↑Since the masala with cumin here is for shipping, it is not covered with a sticker.

↓↓ Here is a sticker for over-the-counter sales!

The completed masala with cumin is here↓↓

As you sell in store, please pick up by all means (*^-^*)

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