Coming soon to Sri Lanka

I'm preparing to go to Sri Lanka, but what worries me is the coronavirus.

No, before that, I'm worried about the common flu.

If you can get the virus through your eyes, do you need goggles? ?

When I went to buy a mask, the pharmacy was out of stock and the price had doubled.

I couldn't help but buy an expensive mask, but someone told me that it was sold at a normal price at 100 yen.

It's 100 yen, so I guess I can't raise the price (*'▽'*)

I see!

If I have time, I would like to go to a 100-yen shop, but today I'm wearing a mask around the bank (laughs).

I don't feel like I'm late.

I pray that a cure will be found soon.

Please be careful while gargling with tea.

see you!

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