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[Quality Season 2022] Nuwara Eliya

[Quality Season 2022] Nuwara Eliya

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The light blue color is a golden color typical of NUWARAERIYA, and it has a soft, fluffy citrus scent.

This year's Nuwara Eliya has a moderately astringent and refreshing taste.

Ice tea is also recommended.

Internal capacity 100g
tea leaf shape BOP
steaming time 3-4 minutes
how to enjoy black tea


At an altitude of 1,800 meters, Nuwara Eliya is the highest high-grown tea growing area in Sri Lanka. With daytime temperatures of 20-25°C and mornings and evenings as low as 5-14°C, it is cool for a southern country, so it developed as a resort area for the British and is still popular among Europeans as "Little England." . The climate with a large temperature difference between day and night is unique to high-grown, and this temperature difference is greatly related to the cultivation of black tea. If the temperature difference is large, the amount of catechins in the tea leaves, which makes them bitter, increases and the tea leaves have a strong character. It is characterized by a pleasant and stimulating strong astringency and richness, and we have made various efforts such as weakening the fermentation to make the most of the aroma of black tea, and changing the size of the finished tea leaves not only to BOP but to OP type. .
In addition to its astringency, it also has a distinctive aroma, with a sweet, floral and fruity aroma within the greenish aroma. In particular, the tea leaves in the quality season from January to February have a scent reminiscent of lush grass.
Enjoy the unique aroma of high-grown black tea.
BOPF and F produced in smaller tea leaves and in areas with slightly lower altitudes have a solid light blue color, so they are delicious even with milk tea.

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