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[Sequentially shipped from 3/25/room temperature delivery] Black Tea Specialty Shop Dimbula Scone & Cookie SET

[Sequentially shipped from 3/25/room temperature delivery] Black Tea Specialty Shop Dimbula Scone & Cookie SET

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[Sales start from 3/20 13:00.] ]

*This is a set of scones and cookies only.

★It will take some time to ship.

★It will be shipped at room temperature.

★Because we want to deliver freshly made cakes, we will ship them on the same day they are baked. Therefore, please note that you cannot specify the date (you can specify the time) .

※The image is an image.

Our scones are handmade one by one by the owner who has no sense of machine .

Therefore, it will take several days to ship.

We would like to deliver to as many customers as possible, so please order up to 1 set per person .

We will inform you on SNS such as Instagram and Twitter at the time of resale.

<Contents of this month's set>

Spring Tea Time SET~

  • Scone plane (2 pieces)・・・・・・・2 bags

  • Scone masala orange (2 pieces) ・・・・・・1 bag

  • Scone Strawberry Milk ( 2 pieces) ・・・・・・1 bag

  • Cookie Sakura Salt (3 pieces)・・・・・・・1 bag

  • Cookie Enoshima seaweed (3 pieces) 1 bag

    The combination of scones and cookies changes depending on the season.

    We don't use any preservatives, so you can enjoy it with confidence.

    Please spend a wonderful tea time with milk tea and jam ♪

    <Raw materials>

    ~Scone~※ No eggs used

    Plain: domestic wheat flour, pasteurized milk, sugar, baking powder (aluminum-free), Hokkaido unsalted butter


    Plain: Domestic wheat flour, sugar, chicken egg, baking powder (aluminum-free), Hokkaido unsalted butter

    Other flavors include other ingredients.

    <Retention period>

    • Store at room temperature: Consume as soon as possible.
    • Refrigerate: about 1 week
    • Frozen storage: about 1 month

    ■ Scone introduction

    The scones from the tea specialty store Dimbula come in a variety of flavors,

    Of course, you can enjoy it as it is!


    It has a slightly sweet and gentle taste.

    "Masala Orange"

    Masala Sensei's masala and sweet orange peel happy taste.

    These scones are irresistible for tea lovers.

    "Strawberry milk" Seasonal limited

    Sweet and sour homemade strawberry jam and slightly sweet milk.

    It is a cute heart-shaped scone with a slightly pink color

    ■Original Horohoro Cookie Introduction

    Dimbra's original handmade cookie from the tea specialty store, with a slightly addictive texture, designed to go well with black tea. Herbs, spices, nuts, etc., from rare varieties to seasonal ones! There are various types.

    "Sakura salt" Seasonal

    Fun once a year. . Spring tea time with the popular cherry blossom salt♪

    "Enoshima seaweed"

    The cookie is inspired by the scent of Enoshima, where the tea specialty store Dimbura is located. that name as well! My name is Enoshima Nori.

    We have also prepared a cute cardboard box for you.

    It is perfect for presents ♪

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

    ☎0466-26-4340 (Closed/Tuesday/Wednesday)

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    Notice to customers

    Thank you very much for your patronage of the tea specialty store Dimbura.
    Two years have passed since my father, Takeshi Isobuchi passed away.
    "Tea Isobuti Company", which my father founded, and our shop "Tea Specialty Shop Dimbura" have different business owners and have no relationship at all.
    Dimbura, a tea specialty store, imports and sells black tea independently following the wishes of my father.
    In addition, the name "Isobuchi" has taken on a life of its own, and I am very puzzled by the fact that there are so many products related to black tea.
    It seems that there are many similar products on the market, so please be careful.
    Best regards